• [Timelapse] Tracing Matched Content


    I’ve just uploaded a new timelapse video showing the process of me tracing the YouTube pony, or, by going with the name a Derpibooru commenter suggested: Matched Content.

    In case you didn’t know, I upload these kind of timelapses on my YouTube channel, along with other things like gameplays and music. I encourage you to subscribe in case you feel like watching this kind of stuff.

  • [Music] Along the lines


    I made a visualization for the track I posted yesterday, you can check it out by using the player to the left.

  • Along the lines


    A new piece of music made by me. Not too professional, but I think it’s good enough :)

  • Back from school trip


    We made it back alive, thankfully.

  • AFK - School trip


    I’ll not be available from now until 5PM GMT Tuesday, don’t freak out if you don’t see me around.

  • A new beginning


    The old design started to get boring and many old pages were not compatible with it so I decided to use hunpony’s design instead.

    I permanently deleted many pages, so those will not be available again. Besides, the point of this site is not to fill it with content.

    From now on the “About me” page will contain all of my public personal information.

    Currently I’m focusing on developing @hunpony so I’ll not be active here.

Welcome to my site!

In Hungary, today is the name day of Emma, Flóra and Virág.